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Pantawan Ch.
3 min readJan 23, 2021



To recap, I am researching attachment between humans and objects and digital archives. I am working toward creating a website for people to evaluate their objects’ importance to save them in digital archives.


For the theme of the website, as my topic is about sentimental items and digital things together. So my goal is to make it feel homey but with some sense of transference into digital to imply the topic.

My first attempt was to add in some illustrations of a cozy living room and change the colour around. It was still far from the goal so I experimented with photography instead.

The first set I took photos of cluttered space in my house and adjusted the colour into a warm-brown tone. Then I experimented with clearing the space by photo editing and I can use this further as a video or gif. Some of the photos focus more on the space not the objects so the next series I focus directly on the objects. Some of them I tried to play with the depth so it became more interesting when combining. I still keep the colour in the same tone but soft down the intensity.

To add the sense of digital and transforming, I experimented with adding different characters of digital such as coding, pixelating and 3D scanning. For the code, I use the html code generated from the photo. I brought the code to combine with the pixelate effect and I think it shows the character of digital well. Then I distorted the shape of the main object so it gave more sense of transference.


For the quiz section, I developed by letting users input their story along the questions and summarise it on the last page so they can include their answer in the message they are sending to remind them what it is about in the future.

And also, each question will have the information button to inform more detail as a short text or video clip.


After the last open studio I became interested in the function of time capsules. A time capsule is a container storing a set of chosen objects and buried for discovery in the future. Discovering a time capsule would recall the specific time that the owner made. And so does the scheduled email, we could select and send what we want to preserve then get surprised when it arrives in the future.

The first draft of the website included account registration, a quiz, an archive and legacy feature which wouldn’t work in the long term because there would be difficulties in setting up a server to store people’s stuff forever. To solve this problem, I replaced the archive with the email sending page. The sending section will be guides on how to send scheduled email on each platform and it will suggest the users to schedule it to more than one year forward. This way, the website would focus more on evaluating objects’ importance which is what I am more interested in than becoming a storage website.


My next step is to work on the video for the website introduction. It would be a short video telling about why people should use my website and persuade the audiences by a smooth and slow pace to give the sentimental and trusted feeling.



Pantawan Ch.

School of Architecture and Design, KMUTT