OPEN STUDIO 01 — Aftertime

Pantawan Ch.
3 min readDec 1, 2020


To recap, my area of exploration is about digital archive and attachment between human and objects. And I am working on creating a website for people to archive their physical stuff digitally.

The reason why I am interested about this topic because it came from my experience with trying to declutter my house to achieve minimalist style but I can’t discard many things so I became interested to explore in relationship between human and objects.

My target audience is from my age to about 50 years old or could be older. Because we grew in the period of transition between analog and digital era. So we see how the rapid technology has changed and consider about it. And also it’s the age that is old enough to have the attachment to their possession.

This is the wireframe of the website that I am developing :

The website has two big parts which are Quiz and Archive. The objective of the quiz is to assure that the item they uploaded is really important for them. To kind of reminding them what’s really matter for them and consider to discard it if not. The questions will reference to the 6 categorises of universal power of evocation from Sherry Turkle.

The name of the website is Aftertime, which is the synonym for the word future. I set the theme by four adjectives which are Digital, Simple, Secure, and Homey. The reason I add homey into the digital stuff like a website is to keep the sense of sentimental that I am communicating.

Moodboard and Colour scheme
Draft of the room that will be where people arrange their stuff

About the virtual space that people will archive their stuff, I am still considering which should be include. Maybe just a desk or shelves.

The image above show how the colour scheme would be apply to the web elements that I am still developing.

After the presentation, what I think I have to improve are :

  • The theme is not looking homey enough.
  • Why people would want to use this website is still not clear enough.
  • Maybe turning it into time capsule.
  • Maybe include 3D objects / make it into a shape / further than picture.



Pantawan Ch.

School of Architecture and Design, KMUTT