WK11 — More visual experiment

This week I took a new set of of photograph to experiment with. I stick with the same tone of colours but reduce the intensity of the filter so it look more natural, and I tried to play more with the depth.

I experimented further to include the sense of digital into the photos. Two image below is the first I idea I came up with is to cut out an object and replace it with the code generated from the object instead. To depict that the object was transfer to digital.

Then my next idea is to use the style of 3d scan process. I took screenshots from the 3d scanner app to see what can I imitate and include in my photos.

What is prominent of the 3d scanning process is the colour they use and how it focus on the texture. So I tried to imitate the style, combine with the previous idea and pixelate.

From the set above, I don’t like how the photo turned out so I bring the idea of pixelate and the code to create another set as you seen below.

From all of this week experiment, I prefer the style of the last set because it doesn’t look too obvious on the digital side but still can suggest the sense of it. But anyway the idea of 3d scan thing is still interesting and has the potential to develop further.

This week I also finished full prototype of both desktop and mobile version. However, there are so many detail I will have to add and fix later on.

Prototype : DesktopMobile



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Pantawan Ch.

Pantawan Ch.

School of Architecture and Design, KMUTT